A Retrospective on our band in the California Fifties, Sixties and Seventies



Mac Brown Lead Vocals, Emcee, Mr. Charisma
Dave Dunn Lead Vocals, Goldenthroat
Les Silvey Guitar, Lead Vocals, Arranger, Composer
Larry Dunlap Lead Vocals, Keyboards, briefcase
Leonard Souza Drummer, Lead Comedian, laundry, deceased in March 2000, we miss him.
Micky Borden Bass, Vocals, scotch whiskey with beer chasers, fist fights and hunting
(Played in band after what some of us (and not me, btw) consider the ORIGINAL band)

Pat Mosley - Bass, Vocals, Great voice that really fit the band's style but even a little crazier then the rest of us ...
Craig Richards (or whoever he really was) - Bass, vocals, a legend in his own mind. Sold me a car that got repossed the next day!
Ed Quiroga - Lead vocals and Led Zepplin impersonations, Last heard from as a rigger at the Crystal Cathedral ...
Gary Madison - Keyboards, vocals, excellent keyboardist. In and out of the band over several years.
Richard Phipps - Drums, vocals, works with children. Surprised us as a vocalist.
Bob Gully - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Crazy like a loon but one of the most talented performers we've ever met. Still giggin'
Michael McDonald - Correction: Apparently Michael almost became a player with Stark Naked (between joining Doobie Bros & leaving Steely Dan) Jamie Browning brought him to audition with the band but apparently the band didn't feel that they could afford another player at the time. (Thanks Gary for clearing this up!)
Tim Lee - Really excellent keyboardist, vocals, heard recently that he was playing with Bill Medley's daughter in Las Vegas.
Doug Ingle - Keyboards, Vocals (post Iron Butterfly). Darn, never wrote us an Ina Gadda Da Vidda (Baby).
Oscar Vildasola - Drums, cool but crazy guy and hot drummer. Oscar is playing in Laughlin at the Tropicanana Express. Drop in and say hi!
Carlos Luevano - Guitar, Lead Vocals, doing very well in the rain forests of Oregon these days. Went on to play with Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.

Many more who should step forward with their stories ...


Hastings A. Smith - Baritone in original Aristocats singing group, super inspiration, became a nuclear physicist at Los Alamos, deceased way too young in 2003
Chuck Tunnah - Vocals, Bass voice, Aristocats, Reflections, Illusions and master of bad timing. Chuck, give back the suit!
Pat Baldwin - 2nd tenor in original Aristocats singing group, great guy
Virigil (Kinko) Baldwin - (he was never quite sure where his range was but his heart was huge) original Aristocats
John Lamb - Shoulda, woulda, coulda been a Stark Naked if we could've broken him outta the midwest. Still giggin' in Ohio..
Zeb Miley - Guitar, vocals, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Checkmates
Scotty Skinner - Drummer, deserted us in St. Lous, his white socks drove us crazy, Checkmates
Jack Beam - Bass, Vocals, Also bad timing, especially when it came to buying clothes.
Micky Smith - Guitar, Came to California with the first wave, met God in the desert, who told him to go back to Indiana. So he did. Immediately.
Don Hunt - Drums, Found his true calling in jazz
Reno Bassi - Drums, deceased, heroin overdose in the mad, mad mid-1960's
Glen Hughes - Vocals, and he could dance, deceased in 2006. Honorary, since he was almost Naked ...
Bailey Carlisle - 2nd tenor in the Illusions, ne: Checkmates, ne: Stark Naked, from the other side of Mars, might have returned there, though I got a phone call from him in a bar in Nashville about 20 years ago... So many stories ...

2013 Stark Naked & the Car Thieves
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