A Retrospective on our band in the California Fifties, Sixties and Seventies


(City Recorders, The Management Tree)

Producer: Larry Dunlap
Arranger: TBA
Sound Engineers: Wizard (Richard Hart), Mark Evans

Track 1 HEARTBEAT Larry Dunlap Produces
Track 2 NEVER Larry Dunlap Produces
Track 3 REACHING OUT Larry Dunlap Produces
Track 4 HOLLYWOOD TOWN Larry Dunlap Produces
I recently found these masters, almost the only thing left from my recording studio, City Recorders in 1980. These three tracks are the last I ever produced there. They were for an independent client. These three tracks are instrumental only; I was never pleased enough with any of the vocal tracks to include them. These tracks are meaningful to me because they show off the studio, and the wonderful Kawai piano the studio owned during those final days. Most of the credit goes to the arranger, who we borrowed from Neil Diamond and the fantastic musicians he recruited, and Wizard (Richard Hart) our chief sound engineer, and Mark Evans who was not only the drummer in the inhouse rhythm section on the sessions but also seconded at board. Mark's main responsibility was as the studio manager. Running the studio would have been impossible without these guys. Both of them did all the extra little things to keep the studio going. I can never thank them and the rest of the staff enough.
City Recorders, Hollywood 1980

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